JD Education
JD Education

Innovation driven learning

Innovation driven learning

Leading edge technology

Reduce skill gaps in higher education

Vision and Objectives

JD Education has been founded on the principles of becoming the leading education infrastructure aggregator in the region. JD Education is poised to take advantage of the New Education Policy announced by the Government of India. This policy opens the door for foreign universities to enter India and envisions a complete overhaul and re-energising of the higher education eco-system to make it more accessible, equitable and inclusive. JD Education is seizing this big opportunity to drive both access and quality of education.

JD Education and its partner institutions share a common objective to adopt innovation driven learning across all its education partners and share best practices. Through a strategy of acquisitions and capital infusion, today the JD alliance currently services 4 Lakh students across its partner institutions. JD Education is engaged with 100 institutions providing value on significant education and financial KPIs for its partners.

JD Education regularly receives enquires from Educational Institutions in the region seeking its capital and technology know how. JD Education also has strong Community development initiatives - Skill Development and Student Funding network.

JD Education
JD Education

Our Philosophy

JD Education is built with a charter to help Educational Institutions achieve scale and excellence while fostering the growth of their students’ abilities, achievements, and impact on the world.

At JD Education we believe in the power of education to transform lives. We are committed to the use of leading edge technology to make a positive and enduring impact in the communities we serve. We believe that when our students succeed, countries prosper, and communities benefit.

JD Education and its partner institutions will share best practices across regions and fields of study, offer exchange opportunities for students and faculty, and benefit from the scale of a global community of member institutions.

Over time, we expect, our partner institutions will be a vital part of the global dialogue about the role and future of higher education.

Unlocking the Power of Technology

We, at JD Education, believe that growth and technology can position Educational Institutions to better reach and serve students in a higher education market that is being transformed by technology. Thanks to its significant financial investments, JD Education has been able to provide high quality blended learning to its partner institutions. During this unprecedented COVID crisis, we power our partner institutions with advanced learning technologies and access to the resources they need to break through to the next level of scale and recognition, so that they can thrive in today’s increasingly competitive global market by:

  • Bringing global university affiliations
  • Best practices in learning strategy and management
  • Access to expert leaders and proven management resources
  • Financial resources from our global network
  • The latest trends and technologies in global education with direct connections to other ambitious and innovative Educational institutions in our partner network
  • Reduce skill gaps in higher education and thus empowering students

Our Impact

JD Education

We believe society is best served when our students, faculty, and the entire organization use our collective skills and experiences to create a positive change. Our academic offerings push boundaries by using innovative technologies to redefine the future of education. Our faculty and institutions are preparing our students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive as global leaders. Our industry partnerships give students opportunities to learn from the best in the business. Most importantly, our students and graduates are using what they are learning to improve lives and make our world a better place.

The latest trends and technologies in global education
with direct connections to other ambitious and innovative Educational institutions in our partner network

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